Your Hair Knows No Limits

Your Hair Knows No Limits

We go to great lengths to give you beautiful hair extensions in Shreveport, LA

Tired of the same hair you’ve had since the nineties? Come to Tatiana Hairstylist for a change. Great Lengths hair extensions can take your hair places it’s never been before— like past your shoulders.

Once the extensions are in, we can continue to maintain them for you. This includes highlighting and coloring the extensions so they blend seamlessly with your hair, as well as cutting and styling.

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Spice up your style with our selection of hair extensions

We use Great Lengths hair extensions because they look and feel natural. The company uses high-quality human hair, making the extensions very realistic. You can make your hair both longer and thicker.

You don’t have to worry about damaging your extensions or breaking the bonds between the extensions and your natural hair. Great Lengths hair extensions can stand up to:

  • Chlorine and salt water when swimming
  • Sweat and movement while at the gym
  • Stress from ponytail holders and scrunchies

To learn more about Great Lengths hair extensions, come to our salon in Shreveport, LA today.