Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Learn about hair extensions at our salon in Shreveport, LA

The stylists at Tatiana Hairstylist know everything there is to know about hair extensions. We want you to know it all, too. When having extensions put in your hair, you should stay informed about the whole process so you can take proper care of your locks.

We attach the extensions using bonds, which are made of keratin. We know exactly how to make bonds look incredibly natural. We can also change your extensions any way you desire, including cutting and coloring. You can also get extensions as long or as short as you want.

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Get extensions from a qualified hairstylist

Only a certified hairstylist can offer Great Lengths hair extensions. Tatiana Hairstylist is one of the select few salons that partners with Great Lengths to offer their hair extensions.

We’ll add Great Lengths hair extensions to your hair and help you maintain them. These high-quality extensions won’t hinder any of your daily activities like swimming and working out.

Come to the salon today to get extensions from a talented hairstylist in Shreveport, LA.